Resolution on Naxalism approved by the BJP Central Office Bearers in meeting at BJP Central Office

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The Bharatiya Janata Party strongly condemns the barbaric, inhuman and anti-national attack of the Maoists in Chhatisgarh on the security forces killing a large number of CRPF and State police personnel.  This attack is a grim reminder to the Nation that both the geographical spread and the intensity of fire power of the Maoists has increased manifold in the past six years of the UPA Rule.  This attack and the large loss of lives of our security forces is a challenge to the patriotic and nationalist forces of India that we must launch a fight to finish against the subversive Maoists forces.
The Maoist Movement is aimed at the over-throw of India’s Parliamentary Democracy through the use of violence. Maoists survive and gain in an environment of poverty and backwardness. The Maoists through subversion are preventing development of the backward regions. Almost 200 districts of the country have a sizeable Maoist presence. The Maoist extort money from the people
The Maoists depend on ammunition obtained from foreign soil as also looted from the police armoury.  The impact of Civil Administration in a number of these 200 districts is marginal.
While Maoist grew many folds during the 2004-09 period, the Central Government was silent spectator. In Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and Andhra Pradesh the Congress cosyed up to the Maoist on Election Eve. The BJP Government’s initiative in Chhatisgarh was opposed by the centre.  Even post 2009 when the Home Ministry tried to change its approach, there was no unanimity in the Government.  Sections of the UPA have made Maoist friendly noises in some States.  West Bengal is a telling example of this.
Today the intelligence network of the Government establishment in relation to the Maoist activity is minimal. There is a dire need to strengthen this network. The para-military forces have to be strengthened, modernised and equipped with adequate fire power under a time bound programme.  
The Bharatiya Janata Party have always stood for the vocal and proactive approach against the Maoists. Today, when the situation is most critical the party calls upon all political parties and sections of opinion to stand united in the fight to finish the Maoists. We call upon the Government of India and all States to work out and strengthen the unified strategy against Maoists. The BJP, as a Nationalist political force shall lead this National resolve.
    (Shyam Jaju)
        Headquarter Incharge

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