Press Statement issued by BJP National Spokesperson and MP, Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy on Chinese incursion

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The high powered BJP delegation constituted by the National President Sh. Nitin Gadkari comprising Sh. Bhagat Singh Koshyari, MP (RS), Former Chief Minister, Uttrakhand, Sh. Rajiv Pratap Rudy, MP (RS) Bihar, Sh. Rajan Sushant, MP (RS) Himachal Pradesh, Sh. Tapir Gao, Former MP & Secretary (Arunachal), Sh. Nirmal Singh, Former President J&K, Dr. Anil Kumar, co-ordinator, Ladakh region   concluded the second leg of their visit to Leh – Ladakh after Arunachal Pradesh, to investigate and compile a dossier on the reported incursions by the Chinese People's Liberation Army on Indian soil. The team will be shortly visiting Sikkim and Uttarakhand other intruded points before submitting a white paper in the future National Executive meet of BJP.
The team has travelled extensively to the border outposts and locations facing China at extremely high altitude covering more than 800 km by road in icy gusty wind with low oxygen environment. The BJP is credited with deputing the first ever delegation to traverse the deep interiors of this region post independence. Some salient observations from ground zero are as follows.
(i)    1962, India lost huge tracts of land when the Chinese invaded recklessly occupying major land mass and the bitterness of Nehru's failed Indo – China diplomacy looms large over the Nation. The irreparable loss both in terms of dignity and geographical area remains a black spot post independence. The reminiscences of Nehruian policy are amply visible today, which again eventually may end up costing the Nation heavily. We fear that the present policies of UPA on China are no different.
(ii)    Successive Governments post 1962 and as recent as 1996 turned a deliberate blind eye to frequent incursions and clandestine occupation of strategic posts and locations in the mountainous Ladakh region.
(iii)    Thousands of kilometers of metalled roads on the Chinese side marks a contrast to the abysmal infrastructure both in terms of road communication and other basic logistical facilities. The demoralisation on the Indian side is amply visible. The Army & ITBP positioned to man the outposts in one of the most inhospitable terrain find their presence and strength inedequate.
(iv)    The disputed border markings, the LAC and the changing contours of Indus River and associated watershed leave enough space for intrusion with forces manning them clueless about government's own stand.
(v)    China has devised zero conflict strategy using nomads and grazers to invade pasture lands and grazing grounds inching quietly and providing a discreet protection to their nomads successfully unleashing a virtual creepy invasion.
(vi)    Chinese have frequently succeeded in putting a spoke on infrastructure work on the Indian, even as recent as preventing the construction of NREGA road in Demchuk and other areas at high altitude.
(vii)    By failing to recognise the legitimate demands of the Ladakh region who simply have no similarity to the state of J&K, the UPA governments has failed to connect to the strong Indianism in the Ladakhis who swear to recover every inch of land lost to China. They today are victims of both Chinese aggression & Indian government's apathy.
(viii)    The privacy imposed by the Indian government preventing Indians and other tourist to access the frontiers bordering China without permit which stretches into thousands of miles and lakhs of square kilometer of snowy dessert has kept the region deprived of public interaction. This has impeded the awareness of common Indian to the ground realities on China front.
(ix)    Simply since the Leh – Ladakh region is treated both by MHA, MoD & MEA as non-conflict zone, the presence of the Army & other paramilitary force is miniscule and inadequate. The large tracts of unmanned land spread into thousands of square kilometers leave enough space for intrusion.
(x)    Opening the way to Mansarovar from the Ladakh range which was the usual route & path of pilgrimage reduce the visit to mere two days has been left ignored.
The delegation has noted that while all this is happening unabated on the China front, the UPA government let alone protecting or defending is not even whimpering and BJP fails to understand why the Indian government has to be shy and timid about the whole affairs. The UPA government is failing miserably not only on physical intrusion but also on psychological invasion by China. The BJP strongly opposes and condemns the clandestine & manipulative designs and steps of Chinese Army intruding into Indian Territory.
(Shyam Jaju)
Headquarter Incharge

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