Press statement issued by BJP Former National President, Shri Rajnath Singh on rotten and inedible wheat in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab


72 lakh tons of wheat are lying in the open warehouses of the Food Corporation of India in Haryana, UP, Rajasthan and Punjab. A huge quantity of this have got rotten. Wheat has been lying there, uncared for, for more than a year. As a result of this criminal negligence this large quantity of wheat has become unfit for consumption.

Today morning, BJP senior leader, Mr. Rajnath Singh along with National Secretary, Dr. Kirit Somaiya, Haryana State President Mr. Kishan

Pal Gujjar, paid a surprise visit to the various open warehouses in different parts of Haryana.  The team was disturbed seeing the condition of wheat lying in open warehouses. At Bhagola, Dist. Palval, more than 2 lakh bags wheat has been lying for more than a year. Worst condition prevailed at Alhapur, Firozpur. Here, 2 lakh bags of wheat are lying in the open for more than a year.

Mr. Rajnath Singh has himself collected samples from each of these godowns.

The samples were also collected from other open warehouses from Sondh, Hathin and other areas. They are similarly infected and are rotten. 3.5 lakh bags are lying at Hathin and Sondh.

In the Central pool of the Food Corporation of India, 183 lakh tonnes of wheat are held. The Government of India has conceded that more than 80 lakh metric tonnes of wheat are lying in open godowns.
As against he buffer stock norms of 200 lakh tonnes of grains the government is holding 453.38 lakh tonnes of grain. That is holding the excess!

Due to mismanagement and manipulation the huge quantity of grain with the government is getting rotten.  The poor and the neady are not getting food grains.  As per the Saxena Committee 51% of the eligible poor have not got BPL cards.  The food grains quantity given through the PDS is also reduced from 35 kgs to 25 kgs.

Mr. Rajnath Singh will take these samples to the Hon’ble Speaker of the Lok Sabha and raise the issue in the Parliament Session on Monday 19 April, 2010.  He demanded :

1.  A Parliamentary Committee be formed to visit these open warehouses
2.  The Committee should inquire into :

(a) status of wheat lying in the open in the godowns

(b) the reason for keeping the stock in the open godowns

(c) why and how it is mixed with other wheat and distributed in the PDS

(d) the disposal of rotten wheat

(e) why such huge quantity of wheat is stored in such warehouses and not distributed to the poor and

(f) the identity of the persons responsible for such mismanagement and manipulation

Mr. Rajnath Singh expressed concern that on the one side, lakhs of tons of food grains are getting rotten in the Govt. godowns and on

the other side, people are dying of hunger.  The Congress Govt. should give explanation for this irresponsible and corrupt behaviour.

(Shyam Jaju)
Headquarter Incharge

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