BJP National Spokesperson and MP, Shri Prakash Javadekar

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BJP condemns Union Environment Minister, Shri Jairam Ramesh lobbying for Chinese companies instead of putting forth the views of Government of India. A Union  minister criticising the govt. position on foreign land is not only rare but also untenable. He went to the extent of calling Govt. of India's policies as "alarmist" and "paranoid". The country has witnessed lobbyists influencing the govt. decisions and even portfolio allocation. The recent startling revelations of officially tapped conversation between a lobbyist and a minister confirm the role of lobbyists within the power corridors. Utterances of Shri Jairam Ramesh, establish lobbyists also operate from with in the government.
The Home Ministry and security agencies of the government have laid down certain security related guidelines, which are in national interest. Can a Union Minister rubbish these guidelines? Can he urge Government of India to trade with particular companies? Can he disregard the "Allocation of Business Rules" by the Environment Minister disregarding the policy of the Home Ministry? He has presented a bizarre logic to justify his lobbying. According to Ramesh, India would lose advantage and newfound love between the two countries in the post Copenhagen scenario. This is totally absurd. As a central minister he knows very well that there is no ban on Chinese equipment and more than 70% of telecom equipment comes from China. Thus his comments are not based on any genuine ground.
He is aware of the fact that Chinese teams are continuously trying to hack the sensitive Defence data and are posing a security threat. That is why India has adopted a procedure of security clearance before allowing Chinese imports. It is not only India but many other countries including USA also adopted a policy of pre-security check for any Chinese equipment. Indian minister lobbying for Chinese companies notwithstanding the security threat to the country is unbecoming. He loses the moral authority to remain in the Union cabinet. The Prime Minister owes an explanation for the conduct of his cabinet colleague and continuing inter-ministerial squabbles.
        (Shyam Jaju)
        Headquarter Incharge

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